love and hate

Shy by Abby Harkness

I may come across

As though I don’t care

But only if you knew

How much I know

Then you could see

How much I care

It is just

That I am shy

And like to look

Before I try

To express the feelings

That I hide in side

That I really try to

Show but you just have to be

Ready to know

And at this time

I don’t think so

But in time

I will come out

And tell you what I am all about.

So don’t worry

You wont wait long

But for now just hang on.

people wounder why

People wonder why by Abby Harkness.

People wonder why I sleep

Way off in to the day

Then I tell them honestly

Where my heart must stay

My heart must stay in my dream

For there it does not scream

 For the one I love so much

Who lives across the sea?

Then they keep on asking me

Why is he the one thee love

I love him now and I loved him then

I don’t know why

So don’t ask why

It’s like he’s my best friend

Then they asked me once again

Does he know the truth?

And then I told them once again

I really have no clue

Why haven’t you told thee?

 The one you love so true

Because I am scared to find

That he doesn’t love me to.

And it almost made me die

When we said good bye

 I cried till I fell asleep

And found him in my mind.

There I stayed so haply

Till they woke me up

And then my heart

Started hurting for the one I won’t give up.

                     The end by Abby Harkness

The mighty man

The mighty man
Love like a river flowing in my heart has frozen over Because I have sought
For love such as pure
Such as your own
Because with out you My heart is alone
When shall it come
The day oh so pure
That your love will restore what once was to be yours.
Sorrow has come over this land
The sun is gone the
darkness stands
When will the light shine threw the storm
When the mighty man stands and takes what’s his own.

You an me

You and me
By Abby harkness
You and me want to be
But others can’t see the love in me
We belong but others prolong
The meeting for them
Witch makes us strong
But if only they. Could see
What you mean to me
Then they could see that we must be

I have this hope

I have this hope
It is strong and sweet
I only spill with the ones who
will keep
The hope within
That keeps me strong
The hope That u and I belong
Together forrver
Now and whenever
As long as the hope still belongs
Life will keep moving on
But if the hope so sweet and strong
Fails to keep moving on
Then my hope will be lost
And then I will be forever gone
Forever isn’t to long
I will Come back when my
So sweet and strong hope
is no longer
Longing for the one that I hope for !

I have a pane

I have pane that I hide deep
Only to let it Weep
When I can’t sleep
When no one can see
The pane you caused me
I bared it deep
Because I can’t let you not sleep
And wiorry about dumb old me
You moved on
And now I am shuffling on
With the worries of life
And knowing You will never know that I love yoy
When it is clear you don’t love me !

I see thee

I see thee
But do you see me
I see thee
Threw the eyes of love
And yoy see me
Oh wait you don’t see me
You just walk by
Without a care in the sky
I love you but
You don’t know
Because I show
But oh wait you don’t see
Because you don’t care
About me
Not even if I were
right next to you
Would you get the hint
Because your a bit
Concerned with every one but me
And don’t see that I love thee
Till the end but just wait
once you Do see
I won’t see thee
And you will feel
like I felt For thee
Before I found someone who sees me

My painting

My painting